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Preparation session

Today my university hosted a meeting for all the students that are going to study abroad next year (myself included). It was boring, but mandatory.

We got the chance to accept and sign our scholarship contracts. You see, our university gives a little financial help to students who are going to study abroad.

This is Sofia. She's a friend of mine. At the moment this photo was taken, she was probably wondering how could such an idiot like me have ever been born. I liked the photo because of the piano, and the classy room we were in.

Financing is divided in three groups according to the living costs of each country. Scotland belongs to the most expensive group, so I get to receive 10€ for each day I spend there. Since I am going to stay there for approximately 135 days, that adds up to a total of 1.350€.

It may seem a lot, and it is a very appreciated help, but it doesn’t cover by far my expenses. I might write a post regarding this matter, as well as my savings plan.

This is a picture of me and some of my friends who are also going to study abroad. They study Informatics and Computing Engineering as well. This was taken outside the University Administration HQ.

And that’s it, folks!