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A visiting friend

Quick, quick update. My Dissertation Planning presentation was today - it went fine. I am still writing the literature review of my dissertation. I am applying for a PhD position. We have been running experiments with the robot - they are not going so well.

On another topic: a friend of mine came to visit me for a couple of days. Maria (or Mia, or whatever…) is an actress and I’ve known her since 5th grade - that’s 12 years as of today. If you ever read this: thank you for your visit, I really enjoyed having you over!

Maria's shoes
Maria's shoes. They're great. Amazing. They're tremendous.

We went to Arthur’s Seat. It’s my favourite place in Edinburgh, and a must for visitors I reckon.

Dirt trail
This was the first time I went down this trail. It leads to the ruins of a cathedral. Very cinematographic spot I tell you.

Have I told you I like Arthur’s Seat yet? :P

Arthur's Seat is great. It's huge. Amazing. It's tremendous.

Ok, back to being productive now… Cya!