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Arriving in the UK

Today was the day! I finally arrived in Edinburgh. The day started at 7:00 AM. Me, my parents, and my sister left Viseu and headed to Porto, where I catched the plane to Dublin.

To my dearest friends who showed up to say goodbye:
Thank you so much for your precious time. Your presence meant a lot to me.

I flew with Ryanair. The first flight was Porto-Dublin, and the last was Dublin-Edinburgh.

Ryanair does not do connection flights. That kinda sucks… In Dublin I had to reclaim my baggage, exit from the arrivals, head to the departures, check in my luggage again, and go through security check once again. It all worked out though, and I managed to arrive at the gate on time.

The weather was actually pretty good when I was about to land in Dublin.

When I arrived in Edinburgh, it was partly cloudy, and not too cold. I caught the Airlink bus, which connects the airport to the city center, and then walked home the rest of the way.

The view from the afternoon.

And this is it: I’ve officially moved to the UK! 😎