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The first days

The first few days have been good. I am still settling in. Adapting to a new country and its ways is not something someone can do from one day to the other.

The eating habits here are very different from those in Portugal. People eat very little at lunch, and both lunch and dinner times are much more early. I could really tell that my stomach was having a hard time making the switch.

The day I arrived I went to a nearby Subway at around 8 pm and the guy was like ‘Oh, come on in! We’re still serving.’ I was so confused because people in Portugal usually have dinner between 8 pm and 10 pm. The guy was really nice, though. Everyone seems nice and very respectful around here. He was from Poland. What are the odds! I told him I went to Krakow last November and he was really happy for speaking about it.

Tollcross is a major road junction to the south west of the city centre of Edinburgh, Scotland which gives its name to the surrounding area.

I am living in Tollcross, which is a pretty busy junction. My room is facing it and there is a considerable amount of noise from the cars, buses, and ambulances going around 24h per day. But I do actually enjoy the background noise.

I am living with a beautiful french girl called Olivia and a very nice french guy called Georges. They have been very kind and friendly to me, I really like them.

A time-lapse of Tollcross I shot from the window of my room.

I have to tell you about my new favorite Mexican food spot: Taquito! I had never had mexican food before, so of course it is my favorite… But the food is so good! They are a super small place, but they even have a funny website. And they are very affordable: £5 for a burrito + drink. Olivia, if you ever get to read this, know that me and Georges are eternally grateful for you to have taken us to Taquito!

Taquito is Life. Long live Taquito!