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Eternal Terrariums

The end is near - or is it? :wink:
The last two weeks have been chaotic. Let me enumerate all the coursework I had to do: the Robotics final practical demonstration, the Robotics final individual report, an Extreme Computing assignment, the Social and Technological Networks paper, and a Bioinformatics assignment.

But it is finally over. A few all-nighters here and there… But I’m done! Lectures and tutorials are over, and I am done with my coursework.

So… now… ‘all I am left with are exams.’

Procrastination level: Eternal Terrariums

I am about to have a hell of another week - but in a whole other level. I will have 4 exams: on the 10th, 12th, 15th, and 16th of December. And unlike Portugal - here in The University of Edinburgh - there are no resits…

But I needed to take some time off. I really needed to give my mind a break. So I decided to procrastinate for a few days! And since I was at it, I might as well do it properly.

The 'ingredients' for not one, but two Eternal Terrariums.
Thank you Ali's Cave for all the hardware.

I decided to make something nice for my flatmates Georges and Olivia, an early Christmas present you could say. They have been the best, they deserved it.

Olivia's Terrarium.

An Eternal Terrarium is a sealed container with elements such as small stones, sticks, vegetation, flowers, dirt and water.

Olivia’s terrarium turned out pretty well right at first try. On the other hand, George’s bulb shattered on my hand while I was twisting the galvanised wire around it. Surprisingly, I got away without a single cut.

George's Terrarium.

I did not come up with the idea of making a Terrarium inside a light bulb. I watched this video on YouTube and felt like giving it a try.

Unlike the video, I used galvanised wire instead of copper wire.

The cap of the Terrarium is carved out of a common stick.
All-purpose glue was used to seal the gap between the cap and the bulb.

The hardest part for me was to prepare the light bulb: I used small pliers to remove the original cap, and to break and remove the shattered inside.

The light bulbs I was able to find were small sized, thus I was not able to fill them with much dirt and vegetation.

Both the terrariums have been placed by the window so that the sun gets the water cycle going. I am curious to see whether any of them has what it takes to actually survive.

That’s all folks

Beautiful sunsets are not rare in Portugal. They are actually quite common, and are true displays of the widest range of warm colors.

In Scotland however, beautiful sunsets are very rare. And as such, Instagram was flooded by photos of today’s sunset.

I’ll leave you with a picture I took in George Square of that very same sunset.

The sunset everyone was sharing on Instagram today.