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Final exams

Hello there. Ok, so… very quick post!
I need to get back to revising…
Or at least try.

All the practical marks of the four courses I am taking have now been released. I did very well, and I am really happy for all the effort I’ve put into the assignments to have payed off.


I do not like exams.

I do not agree with the weight assigned to exams.

It is stupid to have to sit for 2 hours, and in those 2 hours risking to ruin all the effort and all the long hours you have dedicated to the course throughout the previous 4 months.

Have I told you I do not like exams already?

The next days will be chaotic

My exams start tomorrow - yes, an exam on a Saturday - with Extreme Computing, Bioinformatics on Monday, Social and Tech Nets on Thursday, and finally Robotics on Friday.

I am not prepared.

I had lots of days to revise, but I only started this week because I just didn’t have the inner strength to start earlier. The course assignments really got the best of me and I needed some rest.

I do not like exams

This is the first time that I think being away from Portugal has had an impact on my performance.

At FEUP - my home college - a lot of the people taking an exam choose to go to a big room and study all together. This is good because (1) you get to explain stuff to each other, and (2) you get to share the pain of having to do something you don’t like - the latter is of utmost importance.

Since I am an exchange student I will have to sit all the exams now - here in Edinburgh the normal examination diet is around May. Everyone I know has already gone back to their hometown because they are only taking the exams in a couple of months from now.

Studying for an exam alone is not that great. Hopefully, these will be the last exams I will have to take before I finish my Master’s degree.

Right, back to Hadoop MapReduce and Data Warehousing now… bye!