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NASA's Valkyrie

Today was a very good day. I just finished all my exams - that’s it, I’m done! Now I just need to look for a new room… Yes, it turns out I will not be going back to Portugal so fast. I mean, I will be going there for Christmas and New Year’s eve, but I will be returning to Scotland.

That’s right. I got one of the best opportunities I could ever have asked for. I am going to be developing software for a NASA robot. You heard it right: f***ing NASA! Words can’t even describe how I’m feeling right now…

My new Penny Board
Meet my new 136kg robotic friend.
It - well, she... - is taller and stronger than me.

The Humanoid called Valkyrie is one of the most advanced robots by NASA, created for their trip to Mars.

A quick video introduction of Valkyrie.

This probably means the blog is not going to end so fast. I will surely need somewhere to write from time to time. It only makes sense to keep this going so I can save my experience for posterity.

So… that means this is not a goodbye.

Just remember…

...keep rocking!