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Weekend in London

I went to London for the weekend and I had a pretty good time. I hadn’t been to London since like… 2009? And I was just a kid at the time so I didn’t get the chance to go around freely.

As you might have guessed already, this post is going to be mainly constituted from pictures I took while I was there.

Left: Bank of England
Statue: The Wellington Monument
Right: The Royal Exchange
~ Bank station ~

I was hosted very close to the ‘Gherkin’, in the City of London.

The Gherkin
The Gherkin.
A commercial skyscraper in London's primary financial district, the City of London. With 41 storeys, it is 180 metres tall.

City of London has some very impressive and tall buildings.

Tower 42 is the third-tallest skyscraper in the City of London and the eighth tallest in Greater London. Its original name was the NatWest Tower (or National Westminster Tower). With 47 floors, it is 183 metres high.

Like always, I took my Penny Board with me.

London has one of the best pavements to go around and explore the city while enjoying a smooth ride.

Some clips I have put together after my stay.

I finally visited the ‘Shard’. I have been meaning to see it in person. I find it a magnificent and very interesting building.

It is definitely the tallest building I’ve stood next to. While standing at the very bottom, it’s a weird feeling to look above and not being able to see the top.

I wanted to go to the top. Well, actually visitors can only go up until the floor number 72, but it costs like £30… Plus, it was getting dark and we wanted to go to other places.

I particularly like this next picture I took. I like the contrast between the old and the new.

Left: The Shard (95 floors, 310 metres)
Right: Southwark Cathedral
~ London Bridge station ~

Tiago and Sara have moved to Edgware recently. They joined me as soon as I got to London so we could go around together and make the most out of the surprisingly very warm and sunny days.

Tiago and Sara at Chinatown
My very good friends Tiago and Sara.
(London Chinatown again.)

We were roaming around near Picadilly when we stumbled across Chinatown!

Me at Chinatown
Me at Chinatown.

And this was it. I really liked visiting London and I wish I could have stayed longer.

I couldn’t have had more luck with the weather.