favicon Away at Edinburgh

A blog about my Erasmus in the UK. It is more like a journal where I describe my whole study abroad experience for posterity.

favicon Difusal

This is my first blog ever. Among other stuff, it contains useful tutorials, namely, the LCOM tutorials which I am the most proud of.

Project Contributions

favicon DokuWeaki (Summer, 2016)

DokuWeaki is a bundle of plugins for DokuWiki especially targeted for agile teams, supporting agile documentation and following the philosophy of weakly typed wikis, aka as Weaki.

favicon Magnet Player

Magnet Player is a site where anyone can stream torrents directly from their browser.
It uses WebTorrent - the first torrent client that works in the browser. WebTorrent uses WebRTC for true peer-to-peer transport. No browser plugin, extension, or installation is required.

favicon Nutriciência (Summer, 2015)

Nutriscience is a project promoted and developed by the University of Porto in cooperation with several Portuguese Misericórdias and other institutions in health, educational and social domains.

favicon WebCGF

WebCGF is a library developed by teachers at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto to support the computer graphics courses lectured primarily in the MIEIC: Master in Informatics and Computing Engineering.

Web Presentations

favicon C++ 11 - New features

A presentation covering almost all the new features of C++ 11. The presentation also contains ‘before and after’ code samples to demonstrate the language improvements.

favicon FEUP - LCOM 2014

favicon FEUP - LCOM 2015

The presentations used by me - in 2014 and 2015, respectively - when I lectured to 2nd year students regarding their final projects for the course of LCOM: Computer Laboratories.

favicon Full-Body Motion Planning for Locomotion on Uneven Terrain

These are the slides I used for the final presentation of Dissertation Planning at FEUP. It introduces the workplan and context of my Masters Dissertation at the University of Edinburgh with NASA’s Valkyrie.

CreateJS Playground

favicon Bacteria Simulator

A living organisms simulator using evolutionary genetic algorithms. Instructions and in-depth analysis of the simulator can be found here.

The little creatures in the simulation are more like paramecia than bacteria, as they reproduce sexually while bacteria do not…

favicon Boids

A simple, but mesmerizing, 2D boids simulation.

favicon Solar System

A minimalist simulation of the Solar System to scale.

favicon Starry Night

This is just my first try at building a CreateJS app.